The lawn mowing season is about to start, sign a contract today!

The mowing season is coming and it is time to sign a contract for regular lawn mowing. A maintenance contract helps to save money and control the budget. We usually recommend mowing the lawn twice a month.
Our price list:

  • Mowing with a hand mower (with mulching) from €0.020/m2
  • Mowing with collection from €0.040/m2
  • Trimming from €0.050/m2
  • Grass raking from €0.200/m2
  • Lawn removal from 20 €/m3
  • Special works from €18/hour
Sign a contract for the season and get up to 20% discount!
  • ✓ We always carry out work by the agreed deadline and guarantee a high-quality result
  • ✓ We use only professional and well-maintained equipment in our work
  • ✓ Masters in this field with 10 years of experience

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